Experience candy in a creative way at the Candytopia pop-up museum in Scottsdale

A one-of-a-kind exhibit that can satisfy a sweet tooth has come to the Valley, as Candytopia is set to open its doors in Scottsdale on Friday.

It's almost as if the classic board game Candy Land has come to life.

"So, Candytopia is this incredible candy wonderland. It's a mini-theme park we call it," said Jackie Sorkin, Co-Founder of Candytopia.

In just 19 months after opening, Candytopia has had more than 1 million guests at their locations across the country. Come Friday, folks can also experience candy in a creative way at the Scottsdale Quarter, with candy-coated sculptures and famous paintings remade in candy form.

These are pieces that the crew with "Candytopia" have been perfecting for over a decade.

"Part of the fun is really just looking at everything and trying to figure out what it's made of. Just can't eat it," said Sorkin.

From a marshmallow pool to an under the sea candy adventure, organizers say it's all the candy people can think of transformed into wild and crazy works of art.

"And whether you love candy or don't love candy, this is just a place to come and immerse yourself in sensory overload," said Sorkin. "Come play, become a kid again because that kid still lives within every single one of us. It's still there, and we really bringing that to life here, and everyone from all ages just love this place."

Doors open at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, and the pop-up museum will stick around until December 29. Tickets are $28 per person.