Fans Across America helps out Valley families in need

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month, and organizations like Fans Across America are working to aid kids who need help. One group of Valley leaders helped more than 1600 teens last year. They aren't done yet and need your help.

"We provide the daily living necessities for families in transition, homeless students, domestic violence victims, and their children sexual trauma victims," said George Macedon. "We work with the victims, services with the police department, trauma victims to make sure once they are put into a situation of comfortablity."

George Macedon runs the Chandler chapter of Fans Across America. And with the help of the Chandler compadres, he's able to run a kids closet that helps homeless kids," aid Macedon.

"Right now it runs from 350 up at the Chandler Unified School District but the total population in the federal programs which encompasses the families in transition, migrant program, the Native American program, and refugee program, it can swell to about 600, said Macedon.

"Families need help, most of the families that come to these centers only ever come here one time, they come once it's the first time they've ever needed help they need help that one time," said a member of the Compadres.

The Compadres is a group of 40 active members have a passion for helping kids and families in the East Valley.

"It all started with our desire to you know help out the community that's what the Chandler Compadres do, we're an organization all we do is raise money and then give it away," said a member of the Compadres.

Thanks to the generous donations from the Compadres, Fans has also established a diaper bank, fulfilling yet another need in the community.

"We work on a referral basis only, we work by appointment only, we service the families here as they come in," said Macedon.

To find out more about Fans Across America, click here to visit their website.