Father fears for autistic son's development due to impending teacher walkout

Despite a majority vote in favor of the teacher walkout that is scheduled for Thursday, some would rather stay in the classroom, and there are some parents who wish that was the case as well.

"How does this walkout help children with IEPs?" asked Rick Schultz, who has a special needs child in the Cartwright School District program. He let teachers in the #RedforED movement know what he thinks of the planned walkout, as they demonstrated before school Tuesday morning.

"My child just started talking, and now there's going to be a setback because someone wants more money. So this is supposed to be about the children right?" said Schultz. He went on to say his four-year-old son is autistic, and he's been told the walkout may delay his son's progress.

"I don't know how this will affect his child on a personal level, I can only say there can be success, and I don't believe educators are walking out for anything other than those successes for the children," said Marissa Hernandez. She is a school board member and a parent whose 13-year-old son is autistic, and is also in the Cartwright School District program.

Hernandez supports the teacher walkout.

"I have 100% empathy and compassion for Mr, Stultz," said Hernandez. "On the other hand, I have 100% confidence in the educators at Cartright to do what they can to provide success for his student as well."

Hernandez is offering to help Schultz get the best for his special needs child.