Father speaks out after loss of baby girl, fiance accused of smothering her to death

Phillip Diaz still dealing with the pain of losing his five-month-old baby girl, Mary, one week ago.

His fiance, 23-year-old Amber Sagarnaga, is now being charged with second degree murder for her death.

She was arrested after Diaz found Mary unresponsive in a bedroom in the couples apartment after he got home from work.

"I asked, 'Where's Mary at?' because I was just too busy, and she said she was in the room. I said, 'How long?' and she said 'All day' and I said, 'Really?' I sat down for another minute or so and I got up, went into the room, and found Mary under the comforter and she wasn't breathing," said Diaz.

Diaz performed CPR until the police arrived.

"I thought she was going to be ok. Her body was still warm when I found her, but she wasn't," said Diaz.

Police say Sagarnaga told them she put a heavy comforter over Mary's head and pushed down on it to stop her from crying.

Mary didn't stop crying so Sagarnaga left her in the room for hours.

Diaz says his fiance did have her own issues, but he never imagined she'd do something like this.

"She delt with depression, with postpartum, but she was mainly mean to me. She wasn't mean to the kids. She wanted what was best for the kids," said Diaz.

The couple also have two and three-year-old boys. Both are currently in DCS custody.

Diaz says his main goal now is getting them back.

"It's real hard without them. I just wish they were here. I would feel a lot better if they were with me. I already feel like I didn't protect them and now they're gone," said Diaz.

If you'd like to help the family with funeral services, please visit their GoFundMe page.