Federal agents training Arizona officers on how to protect high-profile people in special training session

Special training is wrapping up at a Phoenix Police training facility, where federal agents are teaching local officers how to protect high-profile people, on occasions ranging from a trip to the border to the upcoming Super Bowl in Glendale.

The Diplomatic Security Service is probably the biggest federal law enforcement agency people have never heard of. The DSS protects VIPs, assesses threat levels, and, in this case, teach local law enforcement to do the same thing.

Phoenix Police Department is the third department in th country to host local trainings like this. Officers from eight agencies received a crash course on the do's and don’ts of protective details, such as threat levels that are based on who the person is, and where they are.

In addition, trainees are put through scenarios that are based on actual events.

"The Phoenix Police Department is always looking to provide training for officers to help us do our jobs better, and ultimately serve the community better," said Sgt. Vincent Cole with the Phoenix Police Department.

Beyond defensive tactics, fighting off attacks and tactical driving, the officers also have to retrain their brains, so that they move away from trouble instead of moving towards it.

Local officers return the favor when DSS has to protect dignitaries that come to Arizona. They return the favor by helping them get the lay of the land.

Besides protection dignitaries and training others, the DSS also works on passport and visa fraud, which play a big part in human smuggling.

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