Fiancée of Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Sergeant who died of COVID-19 remembers the man he was

“Why? Why him? He’s such a good person," expressed the fiancée of a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Sergeant who died from COVID-19 on July 6th.

“He was a beautiful light in my world," Jenny Pacheco said of Sgt. Ernie Quintero.

"He was an amazing father. He was a terrific son. He was just a phenomenal friend to have," she said.

Pacheco said Quintero started feeling sick around Father’s Day. She tried everything she could to take care of him.

“I know I sacrificed my well being. We have a two-story house to climb the stairs to make sure he had food, to make sure he had water, to make sure he was taken care of," she said.

Pacheco is also COVID-19 positive now, fighting her own battle.

Quintero was a 25-year veteran of the sheriff's office, leaving behind a legacy of service on the job, one of love and friendship.

“He was an amazing person. Everyone loved him, he had so many friends, I mean my kitchen counter, my island, is full of flowers from his friends because they’re all hurting," Pacheco said.

You can donate to help cover memorial costs at this link.

He was not the only MCSO deputy to die. Sheriff’s officials said 15-year-veteran Detention Officer Kevin Fletcher died July 6th as well.