First responders, community members rallies for family displaced by house fire

Earlier in August, a fire ripped through a Phoenix home, displacing a small boy and his mother. Even though many of their possessions were lost, they are lucky to be alive.

Members of Phoenix Fire and Police wanted to do something special. With the help of a local church, the results were heartwarming.

So when 7-year-old Dyland got up this morning, he had no idea his day would include these first responders and community members bringing him dozens of toys.

He was overwhelmed, much like on the evening of August 9th when his family home when up in flames. But this time, he was overcome with joy.

Seeing officers and firefighters like the ones who fought for his safety and his home was thrilling, and not just because they were carrying toys. Dylan says it's much more than that.

"They help others," Dylan said.

The surprise for Dylan and his mother, Lordes, was also made possible by members of North Mountain Christian Assembly.

Even though not everything they lost in the fire could be replaced a smile back on Dylan's face and that's what really matters.