Flagstaff community braces for monsoon flooding after wildfires create dangerous burn scars

Flagstaff is no stranger to wildfires and the floods that follow them, and it's understandably tiring for residents and business owners.

After recent monsoon storms, they once again have to pause and rebuild.

An idyllic home in the Wupatki Trails neighborhood is now caked in mud after unwelcome monsoon floodwaters came pouring inside Chase Wilson's home, taking the brunt of it.

"The entire house, the first floor was flooded with 6-8 inches of water, along with mud and sediment. There is about a foot of mud in the garage, so everything downstairs was trashed," Wilson said.

Luckily, Wilson says he, his pregnant wife and two children were not home when it happened.

It was a close call, but unfortunately, they’re used to close calls. They’ve already dealt with two evacuations from recent wildfires.

Just a couple of weeks ago when they returned from a wildfire evacuation, they found the log cabin and trees in their backyard were completely burned, just inches from their children's playground.

"When it’s done, it’s done and there’s no sense in trying to be melancholy or be stuck in it. Just move forward and hope for the best," Wilson said.

Already, it’s been an active weather season in Flagstaff, and unfortunately, several fires have left their mark leaving the scorched ground almost waterproof.

Now monsoon storms are rolling through, causing severe flooding. Several downtown roads were closed when storms rolled through Sunday afternoon, turning streets into rivers.

These are conditions this community knows all too well.

Restocking sandbags is the norm to keep ahead of the next storm.

For more information on sandbag stations, click here.

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