Florida deputies rescue lawn care worker pinned underwater by mower for 5 minutes

A worker in southwest Florida is alive after his tractor mower tipped over into a lake, pinning him underwater for five minutes. He didn't have a pulse when he was pulled out of the water, but after deputies administered CPR, he began breathing again.

The incident occurred Tuesday along Ivy Pointe Court in the Pelican Marsh community of Naples. According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the man, a lawn maintenance worker, was cutting grass on a steep incline near the edge of a lake when his tractor toppled over and into the body of water.  

He was trapped underneath it. Nearby citizens tried to remove him from the water but were unable to.

The first Collier County deputy to arrive was Cpl. Pierre Richard. The agency said he entered the water, and with the help of two witnesses, they lifted the mower off the man, removed his seatbelt, and brought him to shore.

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According to the sheriff’s office, the man didn’t have a pulse. He was underwater for at least five minutes.

Three other deputies arrived at the scene: Cpl. Jean, Cpl. David Donzanti and Cpl. James Kleinheinz. All helped perform CPR on the man.

Then, he started to breathe again and his pulse returned before paramedics arrived.  

He was taken to a nearby hospital. Officials have not publicly identified the man. 

Deputies said, according to doctors, the man is expected to recover.