Former Phoenix-area sheriff heads to 2nd day of trial

On day two of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's criminal contempt of court trial and two people who worked very closely with him took the stand.

Testimony began Tuesday morning with more testimony from Arpaio's former attorney, Tim Casey. Arpaio's current attorneys say it was Casey who dropped the ball in his advice to the sheriff over the judge's order about detaining people. They claim those mistakes led to the word not getting to the sheriff's deputies.

Did Arpaio ignore a 2011 order to stop detaining people solely on suspicion they were here illegally? Prosecutors say MCSO continued the practice for several months after that federal judge's order.

A familiar face and voice for many in Maricopa County, Lisa Allen, was called as a government witness. She headed up MCSO's communications team and worked there for 23 years. She was often credited for ideas that brought Arpaio worldwide media attention.

From an interview in 2016, Allen stated, "I woke and thought we should have a neon sign over Tent City that says vacancy."

On a more serious note, Allen testified that knowing the sheriff the way she did, he would have never violated that order if he'd known about it.

Also in court, another familiar face -- one that has fought Arpaio for decades over profiling, Salvador Reza.

"..ask him yesterday, how does it feel to be on the other side? He said he persecuted our community since 2007," said Reza, who adds that he doesn't believe Arpaio will be sent to jail because of the politics and connections he has.

"What my community wants and what I want is for justice to be served and for him to be found guilty and put in jail. I know it's not going to happen, but if he's found guilty, some of the people he racially profiled will feel justice does work," he said.

Two MCSO sergeants took the stand as well.

This trial is supposed to last only eight days. Again, this is a misdemeanor charge against Arpaio. The most he is facing is six months in jail.