Fort Worth officer hit by suspected drunk driver

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A Fort Worth police officer is recovering after a shocking crash. He was hit by a suspected drunk driver just as he prepared to wrap up a freeway traffic stop.

The crash happened during the overnight hours on Interstate 30 in East Fort Worth.

Officer Matt Lesell is very fortunate to be alive and he knows it. He now wants to help others through raising awareness and sharing their story.

Dash cam video captured the agonizing moments after Lesell was hit by a suspected drunk driver and hurled into the air on July 7 around 3 a.m. He landed in the middle of the freeway.

"Every time I watch it, I'm shocked and amazed that I was able to walk away the way I could," he said. "It definitely wasn't a normal walk. I hobbled and was able to get up and out. But I was amazed the damage wasn't more severe."

Officer Lesell is now talking out about the crash to raise awareness about the perils of drinking and driving. He says the timing of what happened to him underscores a safety campaign called "Slow Down and Move Over."

Lesell is on the mend for at least several more weeks. His wife, Danielle, is an ER nurse. She was home sleeping when he called her from the scene. Understandably, she says watching the video is tough.

"There really aren't any words to explain what it feels like," she said. "You watch that and it's the same fear and the feeling and adrenaline jump you get from the initial phone call."

"For what happened to me and the severity of the accident and what happened, I'm essentially shocked and amazed at the same time I was not more injured," the officer said.