Giant inflatable ‘Christmas Vacation’ snow globe plays scenes from the iconic movie on your lawn

There’s a giant inflatable snow globe for sale this season that projects scenes from the classic “National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation” movie right on your front lawn.

The 8-foot Living Projection Pre-Lit Inflatable Snow Globe, sold at Home Depot, projects holiday images onto a flat surface and is designed to swivel.


Show off your “Christmas Vacation” fandom to all of the neighbors this season with a giant inflatable snow globe that displays scenes from the 1989 Christmas comedy film. (Photo credit: Provided / Home Depot)

For both indoor and outdoor use, the ultimate holiday yard decoration shows five different “Christmas Vacation” scenes for all of your neighbors to enjoy, as well as four transition scenes within the exact shape of the air-blown snow globe.

“Show a single scene or customize the selection and order to play them in a continuous loop,” the product description reads.

You can even display your own videos year-round with external ports, according to the description.

The inflatable, which sells for $199 online, also comes with the projector, weather-resistant case for unpredictable winter weather, heavy-duty lawn stakes and tethers, a remote control and power adapter.

You can also plug in your own external speaker using an audio jack in the back of the projector.

And if you’re worried about putting up your holiday decorations prematurely — researchers say people who decorate for Christmas earlier are happier, and it might even help improve one’s lack of friends over the holidays.

So go ahead and display those Griswold Family decorations proudly.

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