Gilbert cleaning service provides free house cleanings for cancer patients

A cleaning service in Gilbert has partnered up with a nonprofit that provides free house cleaning for cancer patients.

Ryan and Lorena Myers, owners of Two Maids of Gilbert, are working with Cleaning For A Reason - and for Lorena, the subject of cancer is personal.

"At the time, Ms. Lorena had stage 3 breast cancer, so the fact that they were going out helping cancer patients really touched [Cleaning For A Reason], so that's why they went with Two Maids," said a spokesperson for the east Valley business.

Meanwhile, Cleaning For A Reason serves homes across the nation.

"We've definitely seen an increase since 2020 in the demand for services, we serve about 2000 cleanings a year completely free throughout the country," said Debbie Sardone, founder of the nonprofit.

Anyone with cancer qualifies for the service. They can sign up or be nominated online by friends or family.

For Nicole Barrera, the service and a clean home were a blessing during her cancer battle. She was 34 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

"I was actually early stage 3, it had spread to my lymph nodes and I did 8 rounds of chemo," Barrera said. "I did a full double mastectomy and then I did 31 rounds of radiation.

Barrera called the service "a relief."

"You're dealing with so many other things as someone who is fighting for their life, literally just to take something like that off your plate - it's just an amazing opportunity to have and a fantastic service to utilize," said Barrera.

Two Maids has multiple locations in the Valley. Since 2018, the Gilbert location has supported 71 cancer patients, providing a total of $27,160 in donated cleanings. They're committed to cleaning homes of three cancer patients a month.

The Mesa location has recently joined the cleaning nonprofit as well.

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