Gilbert family makes Christmas video to raise money for water charity

Many families send out Christmas cards during the holiday season, but one local family has taken their Christmas greeting to a whole new level. 

Many people take clean water, readily available whenever we need, for granted, but one Gilbert family is hoping to help get this basic need to people who aren't as lucky as us to have it. 

For nine years, the very creative Slade family has skipped sending out a traditional Christmas greeting card, opting to go digital instead. Every year, after months of planning, shooting, producing, and editing, they release their annual Christmas video. 

"My favorite part about it is bonding as a family and just doing something for Christmas that is helping others," said Charlie Slade.

The video for 2019 shows a mad dash to deliver a package. After many spills, tumbles, and mix-ups, the package finally makes it to its destination.

That destination is halfway across the globe, and the gift is clean water.

"We are just so fortunate to have clean water and food and all of this stuff around us, and there's so many people who don't have access to all of that and we feel the most basic need, clean water, if we can help anyone have that, that's just huge," said Micah Slade.

The purpose behind the family's videos is giving back. Every year, they use it to raise money for charity, and for 2019, it's Charity: Water. 

Charity: Water is an organization that drills wells in communities all over the world. These communities don't have access to clean water.

For the Slades, they are hoping to continue producing videos, give back, and show the true meaning of Christmas. 

"From the beginning, we've always just wanted to teach our kids to serve and to look outside themselves, especially during Christmas when it's really focused on what I want and my list," said Whitney Slade.

"It's something that we're trying to put out there, like you can give life," said Rhett Slade. "You can give to another person on the other side of the world."

Charity: Water Donation Campaign