Girl tells Santa she was naughty this year, still wants lavish gifts

(Desi die Mula/Twitter)

This girl certainly knows what she wants -- even if she also knows she didn’t make it onto Santa’s “nice” list.

A 9-year-old girl from Essex, U.K., wrote a letter to Father Christmas earlier this month admitting that she hasn’t been particularly good this year. However, she still requested a list of lavish gifts including Apple Airpods, a trip to France and a penguin and panda -- as long as they’re “not dead.” 

A picture of the letter was posted on Twitter by the girl’s older sibling on Tuesday.

“Dear beloved Father Christmas, I hope you’ve had a wonderful year and you’ve been well,” the girl wrote. “My year has been quite the opposite. I’ve tried hard to be good but miserably failed.”

“I’ll be honest, I do deserve a coal, but please I’d love to have a present,” she added. “Actually more than one. Here’s a list.”

In total, the girl listed 12 items including a games console, a snake, a DJ set, an iPhone 12, a laptop and a new computer -- specifically, the “latest.”

She also asked for a PS4, a PS5 and a Nintendo Switch, and an entire book set of “The Wizards of Once.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be 2020 if she also didn’t ask for hand sanitizer.

“Hopefully you succeed to fulfill all my requested items,” she ended her letter before signing it.

People on Twitter thought the girl’s letter was hilarious. 

“i don’t know what shocks me more; the fact that you have a 9y/o sister, her handwriting or her use of diction and syntax at that age,” one person commented.

“I feel for the parents,” someone else wrote. “Also, her vocabulary is great!”

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