Glendale neighborhood gets hit hard by storm

A Glendale neighborhood took a heavy brunt of Tuesday night's storm, with high winds leaving behind substantial damage.

"The wind was coming from the west, usually, we get southwest dust storm, we thought, because the house protects trees from wind," Bobby Davis said. "We were OK. We didn't think of the car."

Davis' wife parked her car on the side of the house, which was an unlucky decision says the Glendale couple. Once those winds picked up around 6 p.m., there was no stopping them.

"I walked past the window, I actually saw the tree fall on the car," Rebecca Ruiz said. "I was like, 'OMG!' My husband's like, 'What are you exaggerating about?'"

The huge Palo Verde all but swallowed the two-door sedan, as seen in pictures taken last night.

This morning, the neighborhood was littered with downed trees, which got in the way of Colton's walk.

"We saw a tree over there," he said. "The wind blew it down."

Landscape crews were called in almost immediately to begin cleanup. They estimate easily a dozen trees were blown over or damaged.

"We take care of every single house, so probably have five or six, minimum," said Chris Appellate, of Allscape Property Maintenance.

With help from the neighborhood, the couple lifted the branches and Ruiz climbed in her car and drove it to safety.

"It was really loud," she said. "It was crazy. I'm surprised there's not damage to the car."

The husband and wife are glad there's minimum damage and that no one was hurt. They say they're actually enjoying the unseasonable weather.

"I like the cooler temperatures," Davis said. "Usually, we're 95 to 100. This is nice."