Goat rescued off of Glendale home's roof: 'I was kind of in shock'

Fire crews not only put out fires, they perform all sorts of rescues. 

They got a call on Monday, Jan. 8 that was a little hard to believe. It was to rescue a goat off the roof of a home near 75th Avenue and Union Hills.

"I was kind of in shock when I received a call. We had to go through it a bit. I said, ‘It’s a goat on the roof? OK send me some pictures to confirm,’" Lisa Buccigrosse said.

She was one of the first calls a neighbor made since she's the owner of Farm Angels Sanctuary.

"We provide a forever home to rescued farm animals. They come into the sanctuary from owner surrenders, all the way to different law enforcement cases, to cruelty cases, to stray cases and everything in between," Buccigrosse said.

This rescue was a little too difficult and dangerous for Lisa to do alone, so the Glendale Fire Department jumped into action.

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Photo from the Glendale Fire Department

"They would definitely have the extension ladders, and all of those tools needed. More than what I could provide," Buccigrosse said.

Firefighters got onto the roof for what they called the "rooftop rodeo." The goat was jumping different levels of the roof, making it that much more difficult.

With a little patience and some zone defense, the goat was secured.

So, how did he get up there?

"They can jump pretty high. They can climb. So for a goat to get on top of the house, there had to be an opportunity for it to either jump on there from a tree, or through the top of the air conditioning unit, but they can. Smaller goats can definitely jump very high," Buccigrosse said.

From the ground up, they can get five to six feet of air.

This guy or gal definitely had a day of adventure and is now back with its owner.

"I’m thrilled that the goat was safely brought down from the roof and the goat is safe," Buccigrosse said.