Goodyear teens get first-hand look at law enforcement

While their peers are hitting the pool, these teens are hitting the pavement and getting hands on real-life police training. Sgt. Eric Webster with the Goodyear Police Department says it's a rare look into everyday of an officer.

"People think it's just driving around in a police car... there's a lot to explore," he said.

Teen recruits say that's exactly what drew them to the week program as well.

"The mock crime scenes and the forensic science really interests me," Natalie Collins said.

There are others who say initially they just wanted an activity, but then discovered a passion for police work.

"To get out of the house, to get out of the house," Cody Burkett said. "I also did this because they did the teen fire thing... save our cities and all that."

Even though it's tough work, it's also rewarding for the recruits and the officers.

"It's exciting for us because it's new to them obviously.. experienced in our career as well," Sgt. Webster said.

The academy wraps up on Friday.