GreenPal app helping homeowners hire on-demand services in Phoenix

How’s your lawn looking after all the monsoon activity the last couple of weeks?

If it needs some love, an app that just launched in Phoenix can help you with any outdoor projects by connecting you with local landscapers immediately. is in 48 states, 200 markets, and is now officially launching in Phoenix, and beyond.

Alan’s Landscaping it’s a traditional family business in Buckeye that's getting a high-tech boost from the app. They've found dozens of new customers.

"We've gotten elderly people, snow birds, we've gotten young people who like to make it easier," says Fernanda Lopez, with Alan’s Landscaping. "It's like Uber Eats for lawn mowing."

Based in Nashville, Gene Caballero launched the business because he thought lawn mowing on demand might have the same appeal as ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft.

"I knew that if a stranger was going to summon a stranger to take them to restaurants or take them home, that at some point they would do the same with lawn care. That's kind of how the idea came about" Caballero said.

Here’s how it works.

As a vendor, Lopez will get an alert of a job for her to bid on in her area.

"We give them the Google Aerial view, the street view, and also the square footage of the property and what the homeowner truly needs. With that information, the vendor can then give a quote to that homeowner for the services they need done," Caballero explained.

Lopez says it helps cut down on business costs, too.

"It helps us. It helps them save time. Also, with inflation, gas prices going up, we don't have to go to properties to give an estimate. We know what they're expecting from us," she said.

The client pays through the app once they’ve inspected the work and approve it. The company takes 5% of the transaction, the vendor gets the rest.


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