Group celebrates graduation of at-risk high school students

A Valley group is stepping up for high school seniors to celebrate their big day.

Elevate Phoenix is helping students who were at risk of dropping out and never graduating take accredited classes as a way to stay in school.

On Tuesday, teachers and mentors went house to house to congratulate their students on their hard work and graduating, something that many of them didn't think was possible until now.

"It feels good. I wanted to do this so bad and I couldn't wait, and I'm so glad I'm graduating," said student Camille Diaz.

Proud family members watched on as the event took place.

"It's truly wonderful. I'm such a proud mother right now," said one mother, identified only as "Leticia." "She has come a long way. She has had some struggles and obstacles, and she's made it."

"She's been through a lot and overcame a lot, and I'm proud of her," said Destiny Gutierez. "There's stuff out there than just being in the streets. There are programs that would help you if you're willing to go and do it That's what they're there for."

For some students, they already have big plans.

"I plan to go into a career in nursing," said Daizsha Gutierez.