'He is super ready for first grade': Overjoyed 6-year-old celebrates graduating kindergarten

A major achievement calls for a major celebration-- at least that is how this 6-year-old feels.

Dressed in little purple caps and gowns, the kindergarten class of Rosedale Baptist School walked the stage to commemorate their rise to first grade! As pint-sized graduates claimed their diplomas, one in particular was so excited he could not contain himself.

When the audience burst into applause, Josh Stephan Jr. fed off the energy and excitedly waved his diploma in the air, jumping up and down with joy.

His mother captured the pecious moment and told FOX 5 "I didn't tell him this but the 'diploma' was just a blank piece of paper, they mail out the official diploma."

If this is how he celebrates kindergarten, imagine how he'll celebrate graduating high school!