Heat warning issued for the valley

It's going to be a hot weekend in the valley. Forecasts show temperatures could go as high as 117 Saturday.

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for most of Arizona and the southwest.

Some residents want the hot weather, others are not as excited.

"If you live here you find ways of making sure you stay hydrated and you just go with the elements you know, that's Phoenix for you," said one man.

Some visitors and residents choose to hike Arizona's trails during the hot weather. There are some basic tips authorities reccomend.

"Drink a lot of water before you come, and bring a lot of water with you on the trail. If you start to feel a bit dizzy slow down, maybe turn around and go back," said a hiker.

But hikers see a silver lining to the triple-digit temps. "it's not crowed either so, that's the best part, there's not thta many cars so i can park in the parking lot and i pretty much have the trail to myself."