High speed pursuit ends after suspects flee into Lowe's store and escape

The Department of Public Safety is searching for two suspects who led officers on a high speed pursuit before ditching their car in the parking lot of a Lowe's store.

Surveillance video shows the two rushing into the business, where they managed to evade officers and get away.

It's been more than two months and investigators still haven't been able to find or identify the suspects. They're releasing video from the store, hoping someone out there recognizes them.

You can see the suspects -- a black male and Hispanic female, walking through Lowe's. Other customers have no idea the suspects are on the run, hiding from officers after being involved in a high speed pursuit.

Radio traffic: "We are eastbound now, number 2 lane at 87 miles per hour."

The pursuit started as a routine traffic stop on State Road 85 near Buckeye. Officers say the driver refused to stop until his engine blew.

Radio traffic: "The motor is smoking heavily. I'm not sure if he's going to blow the motor or not, but it looks like we're going to exit Miller."

The suspect pulled into a nearby Lowe's parking lot on Watson Road.

Radio traffic: "The vehicle is 10-18 in front of Lowe's and he ran into the store."

He and his passenger ran into the store and managed to walk out calmly without officers catching them.