Gas leak results in evacuation of homes in North Scottsdale neighborhood

Officials with the Scottsdale Fire Department say they are at the scene of a gas leak.

According to officials, the incident happened in a residential area near McDowell Mountain Ranch Road and Paradise Lane. The gas leak has prompted Scottsdale Fire's HAZMAT teams to evacuate 12 homes in the area. Scottsdale Fire officials say they received a gas leak call at around 2:30 p.m.

Jennifer Choi was inside her home when she received a knock on her door.

"The was an individual that arrived at my door, and he said that he needs to test my home, there is a gas leak, and he also told me that my water meter tested positive," said Choi.

Residents affected by the evacuation were taken to McDowell Mountain Community Center. Buses and an ambulance took residents in the area, including some living in an assisted living home, to the center.

Choi was among those evacuated.

"I grabbed whatever I had, so I took my purse and my puppy, and out the door," said Choi.

At one point, Scottsdale Fire officials say more than 150 firefighters from several fire departments were at the scene at one point.

According to Amy Washburn with Southwest Gas, gas in the area affected is off, and the area is safe and secure. However, officials say the gas needs time to dissipate, with high readings found in the sewer manhole at one point.

This gas leak incident happened just two weeks after a gas explosion at a Chandler printing business left four people seriously hurt. Officials with Southwest Gas say based on initial findings from an investigation, the cause of the leak and subsequent explosion at the Chandler business was "premature degradation" of a certain type of natural gas pipe that was installed at the location over 20 years ago.

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