Hot Weather Woes; many eager for cooler temps to come

The end of September is here, and the Valley is still dealing with sweltering cars, hot steering wheels, and high cooling bills.

Some people like, but other say enough already, bring on the next season.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas as crews put up lights for the holiday Glendale Glitters Festival; the problem is it feels like July outside.

The valley is seeing temperatures 10 degrees above normal, and a lot of people are saying it is way past time for Summer to stop sizzling and let go.

"It could be over as far as I'm concerned," said one resident.

One Glendale store owner says hot days are keeping shoppers away.

"We have been waiting all Summer for it to get cooler so business will increase here in downtown Glendale, and with temps being as high as it is, they just aren't here yet," said Norbert Sebel.

The sidewalks aren't entirely empty.

Eddie Detroit makes music most days in downtown Glendale, he and others are big fans of the desert sun and heat, and will be sad to see Summer go.

"I love it though I got arthritis, that is why I moved out here from Detroit about 35-years-ago," said Eddie.

The cooler temps are right around the corner; it should become fall like in just a couple of weeks.