Human remains found by volunteer while searching for Daniel Robinson in Buckeye

The Buckeye Police Department says human remains were found during a Nov. 6 search for Daniel Robinson, who's been missing for months.

Robinson's father, along with volunteer search crews, were scouring the area where his Jeep was found, and that's when a volunteer found the remains.

Evidence found near the remains is leading investigators to believe the remains may not belong to Robinson.

Investigators are waiting on DNA testing for official identification.

The search was near Sun Valley Parkway and milepost 113.

Robinson's investigator Jeff McGrath tells FOX 10 he was there when they found a vertebrae, two femur bones and both sides of a pelvis. He believes it emboldens the search for Robinson even if they aren't his remains.

Robinson goes missing in late June

FOX 10 first reported on Robinson's disappearance in late June. According to Buckeye Police at the time, Robinson was last seen in the area of Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Road on June 23.

Robinson is a geologist who often worked at remote sites. At the time of his disappearance, police said Robinson was driving a blue 2017 Jeep Renegade. That vehicle was later found crashed in a ravine on July 19. The vehicle had significant damage, and some personal items of Robinson were also found inside.

According to a statement released by Buckeye Police on Nov. 3, a company processed the crash site on Sept. 28, and revisited the crash site on Oct. 14 before releasing a collision report on Oct. 18.

In a summary of the collision report issued by the company, Buckeye Police say the Jeep Renegate was involved in a rollover crash, and that speed increased right before impact, which could indicate an attempt to drive up the other side of the ravine.

"More than 40 ignition cycles were recorded after the crash. This could be due to driver attempts to restart the vehicle or use the electrical systems. It’s unclear how many cycles occurred during tow recovery and when investigators downloaded data," read a portion of the statement from Buckeye Police.

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