Hundreds out of a job following company closure

An estimated 200 people are out of a job Wednesday, after a Chandler business closed its doors suddenly.

Throughout the day Wednesday, former employees of nuHome were seen picking up their final paycheck at the company office.

"There's a lot of people standing out front, and saying it was closed, and they don't know what they're gonna do next," said one former worker.

Some employees said they were asked to clear off their desks on Monday. In a letter handed to staff members, dated January 30, company officials said they have been "trying for some time to acquire additional financing required to continue its business operations", but that the efforts were unsuccessful.

The company's business involved delivering welcome boxes to new homeowners across the country, and opened three years ago. An executive for the company declined to speak on camera Wednesday, and would not confirm the number of people affected by the closure.

Some employees say their future is unclear.

"People are stressing, because they're single parents, they have no other form of income, and had no idea that this was going to happen," said one former worker.

Officials with nuHome did not provide FOX 10 News with a statement, as of 5:00 p.m. Wednesday.