Hundreds take the streets of downtown Phoenix for a 17th consecutive day of protests

More than 300 people marched in downtown Phoenix Saturday for a 17th consecutive day since the death of George Floyd sparked nationwide marches for police reform.

Protesters marched along Washington Street to the Arizona State Capitol where they held a rally.

Many of them wearing face masks, holding signs and chanting along the way after beginning at the Arizona State University downtown campus.

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Nearly 17 organizations came together to have one voice with one message -- end systemic racism.

"Our goal is that we want to let people know this is about all of us against racism," said marcher Kenneth Smith.

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People of all races came together to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

"It was just such a wonderful feeling of unity," Smith said. "People of all colors, all ages, different backgrounds, who want to support justice for all humanity and it was empowering," he added.

Sahara says she’s been marching for a week. "Being here every day for a week, I get that it’s not just us that are angry and tired. Most of the people I march with are caucasian and that’s powerful," she said.

Another goal of the march was to get people registered to vote and take part in the upcoming election.