Hurst mom charged with attempted capital murder after leaving newborn in dumpster

Police say the arrested a mother they say recently put her newborn son in a black plastic trash bag and put him in a dumpster behind a strip mall in Hurst.

Alyssa Baker, 28, is now charged with attempted capital murder. An arrest affidavit details evidence of how she had a baby boy in a restaurant bathroom and how she tried to claim that she had a miscarriage when she was confronted about it.

The arrest warrant affidavit goes into detail about the baby being born in the bathroom of a restaurant where Baker worked and the different and contradictory statements she told detectives.

Hurst police say it was an employee at the Souper Salad on Melbourne Road who first told police about the baby on June 15. She told dispatchers June 15th that Baker, her coworker, gave birth inside a bathroom there and that Baker may have thrown the baby into a dumpster behind the building.

An officer later found the baby boy, and it was taken to Cook Children's Medical Center where it was reported to be in good health. Doctors say the baby was premature, weighed four pounds and was born at 31 weeks.

The affidavit says when Baker was asked about throwing the baby into the dumpster, she told an officer "Yeah I probably shouldn't have done that."

Baker also allegedly told detectives she thought the baby was dead since he wasn't crying, describing it as a miscarriage. Police say the baby was in the dumpster for approximately 47 minutes with a temperature that morning around 84 degrees.

During one interview with a detective, Baker said she wanted the baby. The detective asked, "Then why did you put him in a bag, tie it shut and throw him in a dumpster?"

Baker replied, "I didn't do it intentionally. I mean, like, I didn't do it on purposely."

Police also say although Baker told coworkers and police that she had no idea she was pregnant, a search warrant of her cell phone showed otherwise. The affidavit says over a four-month period, "There were approximately 50 plus searches that pertained to pregnancy, abortions, miscarriages and DNA testing."

Hurst police arrested Baker on Saturday and charged her with attempted capital murder.

The affidavit says Baker also told detectives what she did was wrong. Those who answered the door at her house on Monday had no comment.

The restaurant only stated it is cooperating with police.

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