'I was so happy': Arizona teens fix family's fallen Christmas decorations

A north Phoenix family was a little hesitant about putting up their Christmas decorations this year because of what happened to their Halloween inflatables a few months ago.

But now, they’re glad they did because they were pleasantly surprised at what strangers did this time around.

Dharmesh Rajyajuru was one of many residents struck by vandals during Halloween.

While out of town, his home surveillance camera alerted him to a group of teenagers in his front yard. "This inflatable – it went down and won’t come up. I had that doubt because of my Halloween experience. During Halloween, my inflatables were broken, taken away. So when I saw that they were actually fixing things, I was so surprised, and I was so happy that there were teenagers who do good things."

At the time, the three teen girls didn’t know Rajyajuru, but they happened to walk by his home and wanted to help.

"Even though it was such a small thing, I’m happy it had such a positive impact. All we wanted to do was spread some holiday cheer," said one of the teens, Adhiti Yerramilli.

Adrija Rukmini, another of the teens, said, "We kind of get a bad rep, us teens, for destroying and damaging stuff. I’m glad during Christmas we were able to do something that uplifted him so much."

Rajyajuru says he was stunned by this simple act of kindness, and grateful to have been helped, and not victimized.

"Thank you so much for doing that and restoring that faith. You are the future, and keep doing good work and helping people," he said.

Watch the act of kindness:

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