Investigators: man spent almost $500,000 on online strippers

Court records show that a Gilbert man has been charged with stealing money from his workplace to pay online strippers.

A 16 page indictment came down against the man who spent nearly $500,000 on the online strippers and gifts for the girls he befriended.

The alleged expensive addiction turned out to be the mans downfall.

The suspect named John Berrett has a LinkedIn profile that shows he has worked for World Wide Technologies for over a decade.

Records show during that time he spent $100,000 tipping the online performers, and once he befriended them, he gave them elaborate gifts including a laptop and several electronics. The indictment goes on to list that he paid for car repairs, tuition, and one performer's parents bills totaling $27,000.

Investigators say he funded his habit through forged expense accounts and his company credit card.

World Wide Technology is based in Missouri, but has offices in Arizona. They issued the following statement: "Mr. Barrett is no longer employed by World Wide Technology. We cannot comment further on an on-going investigation and are fully cooperating with the Federal Authorities."

FOX 10 tried to contact Berrett at his Gilbert home, no one answered the door or telephone.

Neighbors say they were shocked to learn what was going on.

"They've been nice people, never had any problems with them, just quiet... surprised you'd never guess that," said a neighbor.

The 16 page indictment of Berrett has been posted online: Berrett Indictment - Jul 28, 2015, 2-33 PM.pdf