Labor shortage woes: New Phoenix businesses struggling to open due to a lack of workers

A worker shortage is happening across the country, and Phoenix-metro restaurants are struggling to find employees, so they can open their doors.

The question is, "Is this the new normal?"o

A brand new Del Taco off of Scottsdale Boulevard and Curry Road is all set to go. The construction is done, but they need one thing, and that's workers.

"For the last three months, it has been very rough. We can find two or three people here or there, but it is hard to find 40 people at one time," said Freddy Lula.

Lula, the franchise operations partner, says they planned to open back in October, but they have had to delay because they just can't hire enough people.

"We are not getting the demand we are used to."

But they are not the only restaurant dealing with this. There are signs all over the place, and it is a sign that the industry is changing.

"We are in a tie when workers have a lot of options. They are looking for a great work environment, to be paid well, flexibility, and they are looking for options for their families," said Thomas Barr.

Barr, the vice president of Local First Arizona, says now businesses are getting creative to accommodate their shortage in workers by cutting down hours and days of operation.

"This is all really different for the consumer who is used to having anything they want when they want it. In reality, time are different. We need people to be patient." Barr said.

And that is what Lula says he may need to start with fewer hours just so he can open his doors.

"I think we need to think outside the box."

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