Last tent at Tent City down? Not quite

It appears not all of the tents at Phoenix's Tent City have come down after all, as nearly 400 inmates are battling the heat, outdoors, at the Maricopa County Jail.

It was only 12 days ago that news of Tent City's last tent coming down were reported. However, aerial video taken by SkyFOX shows there are still multiple tents and inmates at the outdoor jail.

On Tuesday, MCSO officials said they would do doing no on-camera interviews, but would respond to written questions. There are reportedly still about 400 inmates at Tent City, with many of them on work furlough, meaning they go to their jobs during the day and return at night. There are still, however, about 50 inmates there in the daytime who work late shift jobs, and the inmates reportedly have unlimited access to ice water because it can get pretty hot inside the tents.

As for the last tent being taken down, MCSO officials said that was in the non-work furlough yards, and they're still trying to find a facility that is secure enough to accommodate the work furloughs.