Laveen neighborhood deals with pigeon problem in a unique way

A neighborhood in Laveen is dealing with a huge pigeon problem and now a company is bringing in another bird to scare them off.

"It's annoying. I hear them in my bedroom window in the morning, at night, and then there's also the mess that they leave all across the car. Feathers across the carport," said Erica McKinney.

When you walk up the driveway at McKinney's house, you can see signs of pigeons everywhere. It's a problem she says has been going on for too long in this neighborhood near 51st and Southern avenues.

"It's disgusting. That's where all the trash comes off when there is rain or wind," she said.

Bladen Benson with Desert Kings Falconry says these homes are being overrun by pigeons on the roof, window sills, underneath solar panels -- leaving behind a mess.

He's bringing in some help: 6-month-old Fraia, who usually works at resorts and golf courses.

"We bring these guys in at night and we use spotting lights and she will go up and catch a pigeon. She's trained to follow a light, brings it back down and from there, we do what we need with the pigeon. We can clear up the neighborhood," explained Benson.

The job will take a few months, but Benson says he recommends homeowners have them come back like they would with an exterminator.

"That way we can get those left over pigeons and continue to clear the property. What a lot of people don't realize is they can breed three to four times a year and have three baby pigeons," said Benson.

If you're interested using this method to get rid of pigeons, these hawks are trained to not attack your house pets.

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