Law enforcement agencies gather for annual K-9 competition

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Law enforcement agencies from far and wide gathered to show off their K-9 partners. It's all apart of the 17th annual Desert Dog Police K-9 Trials.

It's pretty much the Olympics for these beloved 4-legged animals. Every year, the Desert Dog Police K-9 Trials invites federal, military, and police K-9's from all over the state and country to test their skills.

The 2-day event is perfect for the whole family, entertaining and educational.

Officer Tony Sanborn from the Scottsdale Police K-9 Unit, says the law enforcement community looks forward to the competition every year.

"The handlers demonstrating their dog's ability to perform certain functions that we use on the street every day," said Officer Tony Sanborn.

So what exactly does that include?

"Such as biting suspects both in vehicles and maybe a body of water which is in the back of a pick up truck today, going through several obstacles that the dog might find confusing or maybe be fearful of but the demonstration there is our dogs have an abnormal level of courage and that's why we use them," explained Officer Sanborn.

It's a way for the public to see the hard work and dedication put into training by both the handler and the K-9, adding it's also the perfect chance to catch a glimpse at how special the bond is between the two.

"Most handlers will joke we spend more time with our dogs than we do with our own families including our wives so we end up building a very tight bond obviously and that's really what is paramount to have a successful team, you have to have that strong bond," says Officer Sanborn.

The event is free but all donations raised go to the police non-profit to benefit the K-9 units.