Library dedicated to Officer Paul Rutherford at Desert Horizon Elementary School

Desert Horizon students and staff say Officer Paul Rutherford would always come to their school and visit with kids.

"He had a heart of gold," Principal Debby Cruz said. "He would always go above and beyond for us, our students, our community and all of us. He was always there for us and this is our way to give back to him."

The school is renaming its media center and library after fallen Officer Rutherford and also dedicating a reading corner in this name.

"Purchased a lot of books about how to become a police officer -- my father is a police officer -- so our families can start to see how police officers are here to help us," Cruz said. 

The Phoenix Police Department says Officer Rutherford spent a lot of his time at Desert Horizon Elementary.

"I think sometimes we forget as individuals about that impact and this is a great example of that," Sgt. Mercedes Fortune said. "Officer Rutherford loved the school and loved the kids."

Because of the impact he had on the students, his spirit will always be felt across the Phoenix community.

"These are the things that make a police officer a police officer," Chris Rutherford said. "This is what my dad believed in and from entertaining kids -- if his job was entertaining kids -- then he'd be a happy person."

If he were still here, he would be proud of what he's been able to give back to his community.