Made In Arizona: Chandler business dedicated to making nails flawless

One company in Arizona is dedicated to making nails look flawless, but not with the typical ingredients, and without the wait.

After all, people don't want to sit around and watch paint dry.

"Women want a nail polish that drys fast and lasts a long time," said Silva Nahabedian, Director of Education at Dazzle Dry. "Up until now, we haven't had anything that doesn't require UV curing, that air drys in less than five minutes, and lasts seven to 14 days on the hands and a month or more on the toes."

After 35 years as a bio-organic chemist, Vivian Valenty realized she could provide something people want, in a healthy way. That was the reason why she invented a new system called "Dazzle Dry."

Vivian Valenty

"All the components I engineered, and put together to work together synergistically," said Valenty. "We have an in house, sophisticated, analytical instrumentation to help us make sure the ingredients, the individual chemicals we use, like solvents that go into the products, are clean."

The Dazzle Dry system has four steps: a nail prep that cleans the nails, a base coat to keep it from chipping, a lacquer where people can choose from more than 150 colors, and a top coat that makes it all look shiny, and last for weeks.

There's no UV lights, no waiting, and no harmful chemicals.

"For women who can't wear acrylics or gels because they're allergic to the chemicals in them, then Dazzle Dry is a healthy alternative," said Valenty.

People can find Dazzle Dry in high-end resorts and spas all over the country, and it is all manufactured and packaged in Chandler.


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