Man accused of running chop shop just down the street from Durango Jail

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Police using GPS to track down a stolen vehicle, which led them to a Valley man's house. If 21-year-old Jose Cervantes heads to jail, however, he wouldn't have to go far.

Cervantes is facing a whole lot of trouble after police say technology caught up with him early Saturday morning, when a stolen car's GPS led authorities here to his house. A search warrant turned up six stolen cars, a plethora of parts, four weapons, and drugs. They were all in the possession of Cervantes when they shouldn't have been.

The home is located on the 2700 block of W. Durango Place, which is just down the street from Durango Jail. Cervantes is facing six total counts, and still has a few court dates in the next month, all in hopes of avoiding that trip down the street.