Man reunited with stolen motorcycle after recognizing it on the news during police pursuit

An Orange County man is thrilled to be reunited with his motorcycle, just hours after it was stolen.

Chris Rodrigues says his $2,500 bike was stolen early Wednesday morning, but a few hours later, he was shocked to see it on his television. It was during news coverage of a police pursuit in East Orlando when Rodrigues noticed the bike being chased look awfully similar to his.

"Seen the color bike and said that kind of looks like my bike, I look at it a little more, it's definitely my bike," said Rodrigues.

But as Rodrigues was watching the news coverage Wednesday morning, he remembered he left the bike's gas tank nearly empty.

"That's why he pulled over, he ran out of gas. I had one bar left and riding like that, you can't get that far," said Rodrigues. "It was pretty funny, I was laughing at him on TV."

He says the lack of gas may be the reason the suspect dumped the bike, ultimately resulting in his capture.

Rodrigues says it is one of the craziest things that ever happened to him. He did not think he would ever see his bike again, so he is happy it is back in his possession.