Man wakes up to house fire in north Phoenix

"I was woken up to the smell and I knew right away that it was a house fire and I didn't know if it was our house or next door," Dan Curtis said.

Curtis says he ran outside to see what was going on. His neighbor's home was up in flames, but Dan says it wasn't until later that he realized the flames were only next door.

"About 45 minutes into it, I noticed that right behind me there was smoke coming out of those pillars there, so it spread to our house," he said.

Even though his neighbor's home, where the fire originated in the garage, sustained more damage, Dan's home was also affected.

"They had to pull down the kitchen ceiling and the living room ceiling because it was in the attic and it's a real small crawl space," he said.

While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, Dan says the most important thing is that no one in either home was injured, and all pets are safe.

Dan says the road to getting back to normal starts now.

"I gotta get a hotel, I already checked in with work... I'm out today, we're not gonna work tomorrow anyway so," he said.