Man's proposal at Tempe Town Lake goes viral

There's a faint reminder of how it happened.

"I saw the setup, there were people all over the bridge," Emily DePaula said.

More than a week later, the the chalk is faded, but the message is still clear.

"I was a little bit nervous, but I was pretty confident in the response, but I didn't, I mean it's a big moment, the pressure is on, so to speak," Adam Fine said.

On the Sunday before Memorial Day as the sun set, Adam Fine go down on one knee and proposed to Emily DePaula, their two-year courtship solidified in rose gold and diamonds.

Their proposal was celebrated via social media after the City of Tempe posted the romantic message for all of us to see.

"I had been thinking about different ideas," Adam said. "I wanted to dot it at a place that had significance to us."

On their second date, which happened while Adam was in town from New York where he was attending law school, the couple spent hours walking around Tempe, eventually stopping on the bridge above Tempe Town Lake.

That was two-years-ago in May.

"We spent hours just standing here, talking," Emily said. "You know when you first meet and you can't stop chatting."

Adam enlisted the help of Emily's younger sister, who acted as an artist, but he takes the credit for the romance and his fiance agrees.

"Definitely a 10, he surprised me, he went above and beyond, he surpassed my expectations," she said.