Maricopa County Supervisors set to vote on '2nd Amendment Preservation County' resolution on Wednesday

Maricopa County could become the next 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County in Arizona, as the county’s Board of Supervisors are expected to vote on a resolution to protect gun rights on Wednesday.

La Paz, Yavapai, and Mohave Counties have already taken action, declaring their respective counties "2nd Amendment Sanctuaries" and passing resolutions saying county resources won’t be used to limit gun rights.

On the municipal level, the City of Prescott tabled a similar measure earlier in February, after a heated debate.

According to attorney Brian Foster with law firm Wilenchik & Foster, the resolutions themselves are mostly symbolic.

“They’re being passed to show solidarity with the other counties out there, where states do have legislation that has been proposed or enacted that does in some way restrict gun rights”

That, however, doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a state versus local legal battle down the line.

“If, in fact, in some wild imagination, the legislature passed and the Governor signed something that restricted gun rights, Yeah, I could see that coming to a legal head, and in that instance, it would be what does the 2nd amendment of the constitution really require and allow?” said Foster.