Marijuana legalization on Arizona's November ballot, but not before heading to court

With 420,000 signatures delivered, the "Smart and Safe Arizona" initiative to legalize adult use of marijuana qualified for Arizona's November ballot.

But now another hurdle: the initiative is being taken to court.

“The 100-word description was inaccurate," says Lisa James with Arizonans for Health and Public Safety.

She claims the 100-word description of the initiative misled signees during the signature-gathering process.

“It does a lot in here, it’s changing our medical marijuana system. It’s basically providing a monopoly for the big marijuana industry," James explained.

Her organization wants the initiative thrown off November’s ballot.

If passed, the initiative would legally allow adults to have an ounce of marijuana or 5 grams of concentrate.

Former Arizona State Representative Mark Cardenas tried to get something similar passed at the state level for years.

Chad Campbell with the initiative released a statement saying, "This lawsuit is frivolous and ridiculous. The arguments are not based on any legal or technical merit. It is a desperate attempt by a small group of people funded by the Center for Arizona Policy, who want to stop the voters of Arizona from having their say on the issue. It's a blatant attack on our democracy and the initiative process."