Massive drug bust at Scottsdale short-term rental nets $5.4M in drugs, weapons

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Cleaning crews arrived to a Scottsdale short-term rental and what they found prompted them to call police immediately.

Last December, Scottsdale Police officers obtained a search warrant to get into the home. They found 1.7 million fentanyl pills, 110 pounds of methamphetamine, more than seven pounds of cocaine, and weapons. All estimated to be worth $5.4 million.

"We are working with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, the Drug and Enforcement Administration, and other Federal, state, and local partners to fight against this drug epidemic that continues to cause many to lose their lives. The Scottsdale Police Department aggressively pursues criminals who possess and traffic illegal drugs," the Scottsdale Police Department said.

Airbnb says that although the home is listed on their website, that it was not rented from them in this incident.

More information on the dangers of fentanyl can be found here.

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