Meet Jet, a 2-year-old Arizona boy in love with dirt biking

One Valley boy is showing the big boys how it's done - on a dirt bike.

It's a tiny bike for the tiniest 2-year-old rider.

"Jet is two and he started riding on a STACYC bike when he was 21 months old," said his mother, Jessica Harrison.

Harrison says her youngest son is a natural.

"He started on just a regular strider bike, then we started pushing him down the hill to ride with his feet up and just go," Harrison said. "His brother had a STACYC bike so I decided one day I would just put him on it and see if he can do it, and he took right off on the first time he rode it."

Safety is of the utmost importance, and Jet always wears all of his protective gear.

Jet's dad raced, and now his older brother does while showing him the way. However, it's usually Jet who leads around the track. After all, not much gets in his way.

"He can't reach his brake levers yet to stop the bike, so we kind of have to catch him when he's coming in at us," his mother said. "Sometimes he kind of likes to do his own things and just keep going, pretend he doesn't hear us."

Jet can't start participating in races until he's four, so it'll be a few more years, a few more laps - practice makes perfect.

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