Men shoot at Riverview clerk during robbery

An armed robbery Sunday night at the Speedy Select store in Riverview nearly became a murder.

"They took out the gun put it in front of him," the store manager told FOX 13.

The clerk calmly kept his hands high, while one man pointed a gun at him and the second went to work taking cash and cigarettes.

"One of the guy his face move off and he did like that just like that," described the manager.

Surveillance video shows the first suspect turning his head and blindly pulling the trigger, firing at the clerk. He barely missed.

"If you count from body maybe 4 to 5 inches," said the manager.

"They're armed and they fired a weapon absolutely we'd like to catch these individuals," said Debbie Carter, spokesperson for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

Both suspects are believed to be either white or Hispanic men.
One was carrying a very unique backpack; it was covered in shark's teeth. The get-away vehicle was a 4 door Nissan Sentra.

There is a $3,000 dollar reward for information that leads to the suspects arrest.