Mending broken turtle shells in unique ways

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The Phoenix Herpetological Society is home to hundreds of turtles of all different shapes and sizes, but it's the ones that come in with broken shells that need a little extra love.

"He's all attached to his shell so when his shell is cracked or broken it needs to be mended or repaired just like if you broke an arm or leg, obviously we want to help you and we want to repair that," said Daniel Marchand with the Phoenix Herpetological Society.

Daniel Marchand says with recent interest sparked over an animal rescue's Facebook post request to donate bra clips, it shines a light on how to help our turtle friends.

"It's kind of an odd item, it's a request that everyone's asking for but there are other ways to get the product as simple as a picture frame hook and you can get them at Home Depot very inexpensive and it works just as well," said Marchand.

Daniel says if you find yourself in a situation to help a turtle fix its shell consider bringing it to an animal rescue first. However, if you're confident that the wound is clean and you can fix it yourself, you can use epoxy adhesive, a hook and eye clasp or a hook picture hanger wire loops and carefully close up the crack.

"Low profile car might clip the top of a tortoise and crack the shell," said Marchand. "I've had them brought to me because they've been stepped on by a horse in a coral and also by someone's dog in the backyard chewing on the tortoise and has cracked or damaged the shell and needs to be repaired."

If you'd like to help donate to the cause, click here.