Millions set aside to help Arizona homeowners affected by COVID-19 to pay mortgages

COVID-19 relief for struggling homeowners will soon be on the way, that's according to a newly allocated nearly $200 million from the Arizona Department of Housing.

The department is setting aside $197 million to establish an assistance fund, reserved for helping homeowners who've experienced financial hardship brought on by the pandemic.

The new program will apply $200 million in federal relief for Arizonans struggling to pay their mortgages.

"This is direct and immediate aid," said Tom Simplot, the Arizona Department of Housing Director. "If you’re behind on your mortgage payments, we can send funds directly to your home loan servicer to bring you current."

To be eligible, homeowners can’t earn more than 150% of the median income in their county, must have experienced a qualifying financial hardship since January 21, 2020, and must be applying for aid on their primary residence.

Funding is immediately available and you can apply/find out if you're eligible here.

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