Missing Maryland woman who went on hike several weeks ago in Hawaii found alive

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A 35-year-old Maryland woman who went missing after going on a hike in Hawaii several weeks ago has reportedly been found alive.

According to the Findamanda Facebook page and a family friend, Amanda Eller was found injured in the forest Friday. Her family says she was found by their own search team captains who were in a helicopter searching the general area when she spotted them and waved them down.

Eller's family says she was "deep in a creek bed between two waterfalls." She is now "doing great" and even talked to her dad from the evacuation helicopter.

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Eller had been living in Maui when she went missing on May 9.

Police were puzzled over her disappearance since they say they didn't find any evidence of foul play and there were no suspects.

Eller's boyfriend told news outlets he believed she was still in the dense forest following her hike.