MONSOON 2017: There's rain, but not for everyone

Summer 2017 has been an active monsoon season so far. While it's not over yet, the rain has reportedly been widespread, not everyone is getting wet.

People in North Phoenix and Chandler are not happy, but the far East Valley and far West Valley are enjoying the rain, when it doesn't flood.

Ken Waters, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said if he was to grade the monsoon for the valley so far, he would Give it an a minus, with some East Valley cities like Gold Canyon, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, and East Mesa receiving in excess of three inches of rain for the monsoon season.

Also delivering enough to be a monsoon standout are parts of the West Valley, including Goodyear.

"Luke Air force Base Litchfield Park, that area just north of I-10," said Waters. "They've gotten more than two inches of rain."

Others, like Lavinia from far north Phoenix, is giving the monsoon a "C" grade so far.

"it rains everywhere else, but where we are, it's insane," said Lavinia.

Amanda in Chandler also gave the monsoon a "C", saying they haven't had good solid rainfall.

"If it does, It's for a few minutes and it goes away," said Amanda.

Kiwaana, who works at the Summit in Downtown Phoenix, watches the storms roll in from every Direction, on the 23rd floor balcony

"The rain, I would say, an A this year for Downtown Phoenix," said Kiwaana,

Downtown Phoenix has had about and 1 and 1.5 inches of rain, which Waters said is average.

"Overall, the whole Valley in general, we're doing good for the monsoon right now," said Waters. "Most areas are at normal or above, it's just we do have a few little pockets ."

Waters said the North Valley is not getting the rainfall one might expect. hey are at less than an inch, but he says often the larger rain events for that part of the Valley can occur in August and September.